Tucano Noni

Tucano is a Damanhurian Teacher of Alchemy and Inner Harmonization. She’s also a Spiritual Healer, a Counselor and a Life Coach specialized in Hypnosis and Re-programming Techniques.
She also offers Tarot and Seven Stones consultations which are traditional Damanhurian techniques of Divination.
For over 20 years Tucano has been researching many different fields of the Damanhurian knowledge.
She is part of the Way of the Oracle.
Tucano studies and continues to research many different branches of Alchemy, such as: Rituality, the Alchemy of Time, the Alchemy of the Body, the Alchemy of the Emotions, the Alchemy of the states of Consciousness, Alchemical Readings, the connection between Alchemy and Art, Magic Tools, the Alchemy of the Elements, the connection between Alchemy and Sounds, Alchemy and Social Life, the Alchemy and Sexuality, Alchemy and Healing, Alchemy and Chimeras (subtle beings connected with Alchemists).
Tucano has been a Spiritual Healer for 18 years.
Amongst her treatments she offers Prana Healing Sessions and Selfic treatments with the use of Selfic tools such as the Spheroself, the Stiloself, and the Slittino.